Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cemilan Anak

Ada hobi membuat kue dan punya anak yang lagi seru-serunya ngemil adalah kesenangan. Ya...seneng banget lihat dia suka makanan yang kita buat, ada kepuasan tersendiri. Jenis makanannya juga ga perlu yang rumit, sederhana aja, termasuk bahan dan cara pembuatannya. Sebenarnya sharing kali ini bukan tentang cemilan aja sih, ada variasi sarapannya juga. Cara dan bahannya simple juga lho tapi tentu saja tetap enak dan padat gizi. Trend untuk bahannya saya lebih sering memakai keju dan susu karena sumber kalsium yang sangat dibutuhkan anak-anak dan ternyata anak saya memang menyukai dua item ini.


Ketertarikan saya pada snack ini untuk pertama kali adalah dari namanya yang unik, aneh dan tidak biasa baru kemudian pada cara dan bahannya yang ternyata praktis juga. Salah satu jenis cookies dengan konsep butter cookies karena komposisi utamanya memang butter. Kebanyakan anak-anak suka dengan cookies yang buttery seperti ini tetapi ada juga yang tidak, syukurnya anak saya termasuk yang suka. Bagi yang pernah merasakan butter cookies Monde (merk untuk gambaran lebih jelas), snickerdoodles juga punya komposisi rasa yang hampir sama, yah karena konsepnya memang sama yaitu butter cookies.

snickerdoodles cheese version, perlu dimodif lagi

source :

Bahan :
360 gram tepung terigu segitiga biru
1/2 sdt garam
2 sdt baking powder
227 gram unsalted butter, suhu ruang
300 gram gula castor
2 butir telur
1 sdt vanilla

66 gram gula castor
2 sdt kayu manis bubuk
Campur dua bahan diatas hingga rata.

Cara pembuatan :
1. Campur tepung, garam dan baking powder.
2. Kocok dengan mixer butter dan gula hingga lembut (2-3 menit).
3. Tambahkan telur satu per satu, kocok rata setiap penambahannya.
4. Masukkan vanilla ekstrak dan campuran tepung, kocok hingga adonan lembut (jika adonan terlalu lembut masukkan kulkas dulu hingga 1-2 jam).
5. Panaskan oven 190 C dan siapkan loyang yang sudah dialasi kertas roti.
6. Bentuk adonan menjadi bulat diameter 2.5 cm dan gulingkan di pelapis.
7. Letakkan adonan yang sudah dibentuk di loyang dengan jarak 5 cm setiap adonan kemudian tekan hingga sedikit pipih dengan gelas.
8. Panggan selama 8-10 menit atau sampai kuning keemasan.

Tips :
1. Gula 300 gram terlalu manis untuk anak-anak, saya hanya memakai 100-125 gram. Termasuk gula untuk pelapis juga dikurangi hingga sepertiganya.
2. Saat membulatkan adonan tidak perlu terlalu bulat, asal bulat saja. Terlalu lama dipilin tekstur cookies bisa keras.
3. Adonan akan mengembang saat dioven jadi jangan terlalu berdekatan antar adonan.
4. Lama pemanggangan tergantung selera, 8-10 menit tekstur dalam masih soft (chewy), jika menginginkan yang agak renyah bisa dipanggang hingga 15-20 menit.
5. Di suhu ruang, cookies ini bisa tahan 10 - 14 hari.
6. Satu resepnya bisa menghasilkan 4-5 lusin cookies, jadi saya biasa bikin 1/2 resep saja.
7. Percobaan untuk rasa keju harusnya cukup ditaburi keju parut sebelum adonan dipipihkan dengan gelas, tanpa digulingkan di parutan keju karena keju yang berada di bagian bawah cookies bisa cepat kering dan gosong.

to be continued for other snack...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

[Rolls Edition] Breakfast Breakfast and Breakfast!

.: leftover roll pancake with thick spread of nutella, for me! :D :.

Well...its been so long leaving this page cause so many things that i have to do mainly related with my job in the office at recently. Sometimes i work until the evening even till morning again. This makes me feel guilty with my 18 month baby, very sad time to remember him only with his father at night. Hence i need to catch up the moments that have been missed with him through the other things such as serving the special meals for his breakfast. ;)

Many recipes that i have practiced and all are nice meals for baby. At this moment i just share some recipes since i dont have enough time to capture all of it which i have tried. Now i will show you Baked Potato with Rolled Omelette, Simple Basic Roll Pancake with Apples Filling and Kraft Vegetable Sandwich Rolls.

.: 2 roll pancake for breakfast is enough for him :.

Simple Basic Roll Pancake with Apples Filling
source : pancake from and filling adjusted by me

Ingredients :
1 cup flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1 organics egg, separate the yolk and white
2 tsp sugar
1 cup milk
1 tbsp cooking oil

Apples Filling
1/4 sweet apples, dice chopped
1 tbsp raisin, soaked in hot water
1 tbsp water
1/2 tsp honey
1/4 cinnamon stick

Boiled water, add honey, apple, cinnamon and raisin in the last time.
Cook one minute only and cover pan after that.

How To :
1. Mix flour, baking powder and salt.
2. Stir in egg yolk, sugar and milk using whisk.
3. Add cooking oil then mix well.
4. Pour milk mixture into flour and stir until the batter is smooth. If the batter is too thick we can add bit of milk.
5. Beat the white egg until fluffy and mixed in flour batter.
6. Fold stir with spatula until well blended.
7. Take one vegetable spoon mixture and pour into hot skillet. Wait until arise many holes and turn over.
8. Moved pancake from pan and slightly spread margarine and nutella on top of it. Add apples chopped and then rolled.

note : 1 recipe of this pancake will serve 5-6 roll

.: Baked Potato with Rolled Omelette :.

Baked Potato with Rolled Omelette
source : i just merge from many recipes

Ingredients :
1 potato medium size, wash and steam
1 tbsp sweet corn, steam (substitue with carrot or tomatoes)
1 tbsp margarine
2 tbsp grater cheese
1 tbsp grater cheese for topping

Rolled Omelette
1 organics egg
bit of chopped tomatoes and celery leaves
pinch of salt or 1 tbsp grater cheese
1 tsp margarin

How To :
1. Peeled potatoes skin while it hot and soften.
2. Add sweet corn, margarine and cheese. Mix well.
3. Put on heatable bowl and spread with grater cheese.
4. Oven 15 minute or until golden brown in cheese topping.
5. While we roast potato we could prepare the omelette. Break the egg and beat with tomatoes, celery and salt or cheese.
6. Melted margarine in hot pan and pour well the egg mixture on it. Lets the egg edge set and then turn over. When its cooked moved from pan and rolled.
7. Served with baked potato.

.: Kraft Vegetable Sandwich Rolls :.

Kraft Vegetable Sandwich Rolls
source : Kraft Bread & Breakfast Book, modified by me

Ingredients :
2 pieces peel white bread, spread with margarine
2 slice kraft singles
2 stick carrots
2 stick green beans
1 tsp margarine
1 organic egg, beat

How To :
1. Bake the bread for a moment while diluted.
2. Make a thin omelet and cut into two equal parts.
3. Boil carrots and green beans until cooked and then mixed with a little margarine.

Serving :
Take a bread, put some egg omelet, cheese slice, carrots and beans.
Roll up slowly and cut into 3 parts.
Do the same on the remaining bread.

.: faces that was eating breakfast :.

I hope those recipes at the top could be the choice of new moms who are having trouble finding or stuck an idea to make breakfast for her baby or kids. Please do not see how many steps does it take to create a menu and you do not need to be glued to the recipe, add or reduce as you want or replace with other ingredients that may be preferred by your little ones, believe me if it is done then all will seem easy and fun. Happy making breakfast moms!

note : sorry I only got to make pictures in a standard appearance because of hunting time with my boy, he can not wait to eat his breakfast! ;P

Thursday, October 7, 2010

[Get A Way] Coming Home To Aceh

Finally, Lebaran of this year we road to coming home to Aceh which is my husband hometown. In Indonesian peoples term, simply they calls the activity as "mudik". Well..."mudik" at this time become our very first long trip as family that is me, my husband and ade Affa. Yes, i have little family now with my baby ade Affa which still going on 10 mos. Hmmm...a bit exciting and worry at the beginning since we'll do a trip with baby in our side but we try to prepare traveling as cozy as we can. And one way is we arrange the prime airways to reach convenience flight, despite it will make a high-priced.

Our destination in Aceh is Langsa which located in Eastern Aceh and closer to Medan (North Sumatra) rather than Banda Aceh as provincial capitals of Nangroe Aceh Darussalam. Therefore, our flight was landed on Polonia Airport in Medan instead of Sultan Iskandar Muda Airport in Banda Aceh. Hohoho...summer weather like say welcome to us while we going out from airport but we still have big passion to enjoy our travelling. We picked up by Affa's grandfather or we just call him Ayahchik in Aceh name. He pass 68 but he stay well driving from Langsa to Medan and just accompanied by his 9 years old grandson. Amazing!

.: view of Kuala Simpang :.

Start from Medan we lead to Langsa with 3-4 hours running via car and now turn to my husband as driver. In fact, overland trip Medan to Langsa was longer than the air traveling from Jakarta to Medan but we just try to give our best passion to enjoy this way. Well...just in my mind, more pronounced of long trips since on the roadside scenery only palm forest and tends a bit quiet. last we get up to our family home sweet home while Maghrib time arrives. Timpan and hot tea become my first object for break fasting, oh my God...very durian tastefully. Timpan is one of traditional food in Aceh which made from glutinous rice flour and filled with srikaya. As a rule, timpan in this home is always homemade and my mother in law as the maker.

.: kue timpan :.

The other conventional cake from Aceh is karah made of rice flour and the taste is not too sweet with crunchy sensation. This food paired with hot coffe or tea would be the perfect couple. Sorry i'm just share the picture not a recipe since i am not a person behind this food hehehe...

.: kue karah :.

3 days after Lebaran, we drive away to Kuala Simpang, city in Eastern Aceh and we come to see our fine fellow. First to do while we stay in this city is we are looking for places to eat and we pick a conventional coffe shop or warkop. As my deep desire before i go to Aceh, i really want to try original coffe from Aceh since i've heard that Aceh's coffe like Gayo or Ulee Kareng are so famous among coffe lovers. Therefore, i choose hot coffe and martabak aceh as my lunch at that day and so complete!

.: top - banner of Aceh Raya coffe shop ; middle - how to serve original coffe ; bottom - original hot coffe is ready :.

I had time to catch how to make original hot coffee in this coffe shop, still with the equipment and simple way but it was unique for me. The point is how to filtering so that the coffee powder is reduced or disappear altogether since we play with original coffe not instant coffe. In Aceh Raya coffe shop, you can order also mie kocok of course served in Aceh culture. And i think mie kocok in here is compound of mie aceh and boiled egg drenched with some sauce, but slightly sweet taste for me.

.: top - martabak aceh & bottom - mie kocok :.

As far as i see, so many tones appear in a few corners of Kuala Simpang and i like 'becak motor' or motor pedicab in Aceh style. Slightly different with pedicab at Java island, this vehicle is combination of pedicab with motor beside it and makes a different way to enjoy a pedicab. Well...long story if i write down all of our trip around Langsa so just enjoy through the picture!

.: atmosphere of some corners at Kuala Simpang with 'becak motor' :.

Monday, May 24, 2010

[Get A Way] Taman Wisata Mekarsari

Well...its litle bit out of "culinary" topic, but free me to share to you our last week end in Taman Wisata Mekarsari. Start with entry ticket 18.000 for everyone but i think its just upcoming ticket. If we want to enjoy the real of Mekarsari we must pay different ticket such as Wisata Air has 10.000 and Wisata Buah 50.000 each visitor. For me the original object of Mekarsari is fruit gardens so we make a choice for Wisata Buah.

.: mark for Wisata Buah participants :.

.: get around Mekarsari with mini train :.

.: the other mini train :.

.: inside mini train :.

If you have interest in Wisata Buah, you will get sticker as your sign that you pick-up this package and 5 vouchers: 3 vouchers for each fruit gardens and 2 vouchers for souvenir and plant seed. Wisata Buah will drive us from one fruit garden to the others also include Wisata Air in final destination. There are 3 fruit gardens as our heading, gold melon, snake fruit and star fruit garden but i think the good view is in gold melon garden.

.: gold melon garden :.

.: Ayah & ade Affa in the middle of gold melon garden :.

I have no picture while we stay in snake fruit garden because of there is no spot with catchy eyeshot. Moreover, the weather is cloudy, it will make my camera run into very hard work to get good picture with plenty of light. Moves to the next garden that is star fruit garden but i only have one nice view which is pile of star fruits. And i think its not in best shot... :P

.: pile of star fruits :.

The ends of Wisata Buah is we are visiting Wisata Air space. We can found artificial lake & outbond area which orginized by Sabut Kelapa as an adventurer provider.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

[Family Recipe] Kolak Durian

This recipe is only for durian lovers! know some peoples unfriendly with this fruit especially because of the smell. As usual most of foods in my blog comes from simple recipe and also this one, so easy, smooth & durian tastefully. You just need some slices of white bread, durian, coconut milk and sugar as main ingredients.
I get this recipe from my mother in law, she'll never dissapoint in cooking term, you're gonna to belive it! :) In future, i have plan to share to you our family recipe since many of them are sophisticate for me. But this is still in my mind, dont expect to much and pls consider about the mood hehehe...

Well...lets me to show you about the recipe even its not created by my self :))

Kolak Durian

8 pieces durian, move the seed
3-4 cup thin coconut milk
10-15 tbsp sugar
1 tsp salt
1 sheet pandan leaf
10 slices white bread, chopped as cube

How to :

Make durian as crumble with hand.
Pour coconut milk in it. Add sugar and salt.
Whisk and heat until boiled.
Put the chopped bread to the bowl and pour the durian sauce.

Maybe you still worry if you eat this food your tummy will stay in air fulfilled condition, and i can say it will not happen. Dont bother with durian gas since it will reduce while we cook. Just enjoy in cold or hot and the taste will be the same. :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Sus Buah

Akhirnya bisa ngupdate blog lagi, setelah sekian bulan sampai berganti tahun susaaah banget nemu kesempatan bikin sesuatu untuk blog ini. Memang lagi ada beberapa moment penting sih...hamil, pindahan rumah & November kemarin lahiran. Lumayan lah repotnya apalagi di Jakarta cuma berdua suami, semuanya harus diupayakan sendiri. Alhamdulillah malah makin menempa sisi kemandirian kita.

Yah...akhirnya diniatin bikin sesuatu untuk membuka postingan di tahun 2010 ini dan fruit sus jadi pilihannya. Menurut saya fruit sus ini hikmah dari silaturahmi. Jadi ceritanya saudara lagi ngadain acara tujuh bulanan, nah pulang dari acara itu dibawain snack yang salah satunya fruit sus ini. Pertama makan sih belum tahu kalau namanya fruit sus, karena penasaran pingin makan lagi & pingin bisa bikin sendiri jadilah googling resepnya.

Resep sus & vla nya diambil dari web site mba Anne, komposisi bahan hampir sama dengan resep NCC, beda untuk sus hanya di jumlah air sedangkan resep vla-nya beda di jumlah susu yang dipakai. Sebenarnya ada resep sus buah tersendiri namun sus buah saya memakai resep sus dengan vla biasa dan kemudian hanya ditambahkan topping buah, karena menurut saya pada dasarnya sama saja. Untuk pemilihan topping buahnya bisa disesuaikan selera, saya memakai stroberi & kiwi karena mudah ditemui di supermarket dan perpaduan warnanya kontras.

.: bongkahan sus yang sudah jadi :.

Dan gampang ternyata, dua kali bikin sukses berat lho...Yang terakhir bikin malah ga pakai timbangan kue karena lagi dalam proses reparasi a.k.a rusak :-). Jadi takaran bahan2nya pakai sendok makan & filling aja, patokannya sih 1 sendok makan kurang lebih 15 gram. Cara ini sudah lumayan sering dicoba, misalnya bikin puding dengan gula sekian gram, karena repot kalau harus nimbang gula lagi jadi takarannya sendok makan. Tapi kalau untuk bikin kue yang takaran semua bahannya memakai sendok makan ya baru kali ini dicoba. ada masalah.

.: sus yang sudah dipotong & ditumpuk :.

Sus Buah
Source : Buku ‘Kreatif Pastry Lengkap dan Lezat’ dari Sedap Sekejap

Bahan Kulit Sus
250 ml air
½ sdt garam
125 gr margarin
150 gr tepung terigu cakra kembar
4 butir telur

Rebus air, garam, dan margarin sampai mendidih.
Masukkan tepung terigu, aduk sampai kalis. Angkat dari api. Dinginkan.
Tambahkan telur satu persatu sambil dikocok.
Semprotkan adonan di loyang yang telah dioles margarin.
Oven 25 menit dengan api bawah 200 °C.

Bahan vla (buat dalam 2 resep)
200 ml susu cair
75 gr gula pasir
25 gr tepung maizena
1/8 sdt garam
1 kuning telur
2 sdm rhum (1/2 sdt vanilla)

Caranya :
Rebus susu, gula, maizena, dan garam sambil diaduk hingga meletup-letup.
Ambil sedikit campuran susu dan aduk rata dengan kuning telur.
Masukkan lagi ke panci, aduk sampai meletup-letup. Angkat.
Setelah dingin, masukkan rhum/vanilla, aduk rata.
Masukkan vla dalam plastik segitiga.

Bahan agar-agar
1 sendok teh bubuk agar-agar
1 sendok makan gula
1/2 gelas air

Caranya :
Masak semua bahan di atas api hingga mendidih.

Penyelesaian :
Ambil sus dan gunting menjadi dua bagian secara horisontal/melintang.
Letakkan hasil guntingan bagian atas sus secara terbalik di sus bagian bawah.
Semprotkan vla ke sus hingga penuh.
Tata topping buah di atas vla.
Sendokkan sedikit cairan agar-agar di atas topping buah.

Tips :
- Pastikan campuran tepung sudah dingin sebelum dikocok dengan telur.
- Hindari mengoleskan margarin terlalu banyak di atas loyang. Sus akan bergeser-geser hingga saling menempel.
- Saat mencetak sus di loyang, porsinya jangan terlalu banyak dan rapat karena akan mengembang kurang lebih 3x nya.
- Pastikan suhu oven benar2 200 derajat.
- Setelah diangkat, aduk vla sus sampai agak dingin. Maka vla akan tampak mengkilat.
- Untuk 1 resep bisa menghasilkan kurang lebih 40 sus ukuran sedang.
- Jika suka vla nya lebih berasa sebaiknya bikin dalam 2.5 atau 3 resep.

.: parade sus buah :.

Proses pembuatan sus buah ini yang lumayan lama adalah di finishing nya, kalau untuk sus nya sendiri sih ga memakan waktu banyak. But its worth...karena ini salah satu makanan favorit saya dan suami, favorit dalam tekstur, rasa dan penampilannya, awfully gorgeous!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Project yang sudah lama ada di kepala namun baru bisa terimplementasi sekarang :P, alasan klasik : ga ada waktu hehehe...Ini dia Kembang Tahu, mungkin banyak yg mengenal jajanan ini, terutama di masa kecilnya, tapi sayangnya saya kok ga ya...padahal setelah saya nyoba utk pertama kali ternyata enak loh! Terutama kuahnya, ada ginger sensation nya, seger2 gimanaa gitu :D Kalau yg semasa kecilnya belum pernah nemuin jajanan ini uhhhh pasti nyesel banget deehh, kayak saya ini nih (lebay mode on!)

Kembang Tahu
Source dunia-ibu (1/2 resep)
Bahan :
250 ml susu kedelai
300 ml air
sedikit garam
1/2 bungkus agar-agar bubuk tanpa warna

Saus :
125 gr gula merah sisir
75 ml air, bisa ditambah
50 gr jahe, lbh banyak lbh seger, memarkan

Caranya :
Campur rata susu kedelai, air, garam dan agar-agar bubuk.
Masak di atas api sedang sambil diaduk2 hingga mendidih dan agar-agar matang. Angkat dan tuang dalam loyang yg sudah dibasahi air matang. Diamkan hingga beku.
Saus : didihkan air, gula merah dan jahe hingga gula larut. Angkat.
Penyajian : sendoki/potong2 kembang tahu dan taruh dalam mangkok. Siram dengan saus.

Seandainya diungkapkan dalam kata-kata saya cuma punya 2 kata utk si Flower Tofu ini, lembut dan segar ! Lagi2 ini bukan kampanye hiperbola juga, ini sekedar kenyataan yg saya temui lho :P. Soal bahan & cara bikinnya mahh jangan ditanya deh, super gampang dan pasti berhasil asal ikutin resep hehehe...dan bisa dipastikan bahan2nya ada semua di supermarket atau pasar tradisional, jadi ga perlu ke TBK.

Oke...Sekarang kita bicara soal Bubur Sumsum yg pastinya kita sudah sangat familiar dgn bentuk & rasanya. Apa nih hubungan Kembang Tahu dan Bubur Sumsum? Hohoho...di sini lah intinya, nahhh...kalau di dunia komputer ada istilah copy-paste, mungkin Bubur Sumsum ini ide awalnya men-copy-paste si Kembang Tahu. Atau malah Kembang Tahu yg jadi produk tiruannya, entahlah...saya juga tidak tahu persis, istilah di atas hanya paradoks saya saja hehehe...

Bubur Sumsum
Source NCC (modified)
Bahan :
2 sdt penuh tepung beras putih
200 ml air
200 ml santan
1/2 sdt garam

Kinca :
125 gr gula jawa
100 ml air
3 lbr daun pandan

Caranya :
Campur air dan santan, aduk rata.
Cairkan tepung beras dengan sebagian santan, sisihkan.
Masak sisa santan dan garam hingga mendidih.
Tuang cairan tepung beras, aduk rata biarkan mendidih dan bubur meletup-letup sebentar.
Matikan api, angkat.
Kinca : masak air, gula jawa dan daun pandan hingga larut dan mendidih.
Sajikan bubur sumsum bersama kinca.

Alasan kenapa saya korelasikan dengan copy-paste? Ya karena penampilan kedua jajanan ini similar alias mirip, terutama dr segi kolaborasinya dgn saus gula merah (kinca) dan teksturnya yg sama2 lembut meluncur di lidah. Walaupun jika ditelusuri lbh jauh ternyata perbedaannya pun banyak, dr segi bahan2, proses pembuatan dan rasanya masing2 punya style tersendiri.

Kembang Tahu cenderung tawar dengan saus yg lebih segar sedangkan Bubur Sumsum agak gurih dan sausnya dominan manis. Namun dua-duanya tetap menyatu dengan selera saya doongg...secara sama2 gampang, simple dan ringan! Hehehe...alasannya kok itu2 mulu', ga berkembang ya... :D So inilah salah satu the mild food saya bulan ini, silahkan dicoba!