Monday, May 24, 2010

[Get A Way] Taman Wisata Mekarsari

Well...its litle bit out of "culinary" topic, but free me to share to you our last week end in Taman Wisata Mekarsari. Start with entry ticket 18.000 for everyone but i think its just upcoming ticket. If we want to enjoy the real of Mekarsari we must pay different ticket such as Wisata Air has 10.000 and Wisata Buah 50.000 each visitor. For me the original object of Mekarsari is fruit gardens so we make a choice for Wisata Buah.

.: mark for Wisata Buah participants :.

.: get around Mekarsari with mini train :.

.: the other mini train :.

.: inside mini train :.

If you have interest in Wisata Buah, you will get sticker as your sign that you pick-up this package and 5 vouchers: 3 vouchers for each fruit gardens and 2 vouchers for souvenir and plant seed. Wisata Buah will drive us from one fruit garden to the others also include Wisata Air in final destination. There are 3 fruit gardens as our heading, gold melon, snake fruit and star fruit garden but i think the good view is in gold melon garden.

.: gold melon garden :.

.: Ayah & ade Affa in the middle of gold melon garden :.

I have no picture while we stay in snake fruit garden because of there is no spot with catchy eyeshot. Moreover, the weather is cloudy, it will make my camera run into very hard work to get good picture with plenty of light. Moves to the next garden that is star fruit garden but i only have one nice view which is pile of star fruits. And i think its not in best shot... :P

.: pile of star fruits :.

The ends of Wisata Buah is we are visiting Wisata Air space. We can found artificial lake & outbond area which orginized by Sabut Kelapa as an adventurer provider.

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